Yuxi Xiao

I am the first-year Phd student at the State Key Laboratory of CAD&CG, Zhejiang University, supervised by Prof.Xiaowei Zhou. And currently, I am a research intern at Ant Research lead by Yujun Shen. My interests lies in 3D vision, graphics and robotics.

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(* indicates the equal contribution)

SpatialTracker: Tracking Any 2D Pixels in 3D Space
Yuxi Xiao*, Qianqian Wang*, Shangzhan Zhang, Nan Xue, Sida Peng, Yujun Shen Xiaowei Zhou,
  CVPR, 2024 (selected as highlight paper)
project page / arXiv / code

CoDeF: Content Deformation Fields for Temporally Consistent Video Processing
Hao Ouyang*, Qiuyu Wang*, Yuxi Xiao*, Qingyan Bai, Juntao Zhang, Kecheng Zheng, Xiaowei Zhou, Qifeng Chen, Yujun Shen
  CVPR, 2024 (selected as highlight paper)
project page / arXiv / code

Volumetric Wireframe Parsing from Neural Attraction Fields
Nan Xue, Bin Tan, Yuxi Xiao, Liang Dong, Gui-Song Xia, Tianfu Wu,
  CVPR, 2024
project page / arXiv / code

Level-S2fM: Structure from Motion on Neural Level Set of Implicit Surfaces
Yuxi Xiao, Nan Xue, Tianfu Wu, Gui-Song Xia
  CVPR, 2023
project page / arXiv / code

b3do DeepMLE: A Robust Deep Maximum Likelihood Estimator for Two-view Structure from Motion
Yuxi Xiao, Li Li, Xiaodi Li, Jian Yao
IROS, 2022
project page / arXiv / code
Zhejiang University
Sep. 2023 - Present
Phd student
Ant Group
Feb. 2023 - Present
Research Intern
Wuhan University
Sep. 2019 - June. 2023
Bachelor Degree

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